“Lady and the Lamp”

The weekend of October 7 was an exciting time in the new writing life of Kathy Taylor. Two of my essays were published.

Lady and the Lamp,” my first essay for “Purple Clover,” was published on Saturday, October  7.

And “A Horse Is a Horse,” an updated version of an unpublished story I wrote decades ago, was published on October 8 on HumorOutcasts.

What a milestone!

3 thoughts on ““Lady and the Lamp”

  1. Quite a weekend indeed!! Brava, my friend! Enjoy London, but one day we should come to Paris together and walk in Montpatnasse. It would be fun to be here with a prolific writer🍷🌺😊👍 xoxo R

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  2. Congratulations–a great milestone indeed, having two essays published in a week. I really enjoy reading them.

    David and I are having a great time so far on our Princeton Journeys trip. Berlin was fun with good (but cold!) weather.

    If I remember right, you’re off to England about now. Chris and his girlfriend Susan are back from London already. They had a great trip. Hope yours is wonderful.

    Best to the family– ❤️, MD

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  3. Enjoyed the essays – especially the one about the lamp. Sounds like my grandmother had almost the same one. Brought back some memories.
    You are on a roll! Keep it up.

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