Photo of Donna Cavanaugh

Donna Cavanagh, Owner, HOPress-Shorehouse Books/Corner Office Books

Kathy Taylor is a talented, nurturing editor. She brings out the best in writers. Her guidance has helped authors bring their books to a level they never thought possible. As a publisher, I find her to be indispensable. (December, 2019)

Daniela Gitlin, author of Practice, Practice, Practice: This Psychiatrist’s Life

I connected with developmental editor Kathy Taylor through my publisher, Donna Cavanaugh, after she had accepted the first draft of my first book for publication, pending developmental revision. The project was ambitious, and would likely take months. I was nervous before our first meeting. Within five minutes of talking with Kathy, I knew I had nothing to worry about. Working with her for the past year and a half has been a total pleasure. She reads closely and thinks deeply. She gives targeted, honest and superbly useful feedback. My book is far, far better for her input. (November, 2019)

Rica Keenum, journalist and author of Petals of Rain

Kathy is a wonderful editor—thorough, efficient, reliable and personable too. She has a keen eye for detail, asks important questions and offers insight that ultimately improves my work. I appreciate her expertise and will continue to trust her with new projects. (February, 2020)

Photo of John Weeren

John S. Weeren, Founding Director, Princeton Writes, Princeton University

Kathy has created two insightful workshops for my program that demonstrate her mastery of and affection for the written word. She is a gifted teacher whose infectious enthusiasm, down-to-earth guidance, and rich experience have contributed greatly to the vitality of our curriculum. In short, it is a joy to work with her! (December, 2019)