Recent Editing Projects

Grandpa’s Cheese, by SK Morton
SK Morton Creative (2021)
Anthology of San Francisco humorist’s personal essays, short stories, and satiric mash-ups of classic movies and lyrics.

I Can Do Anything, by Jerry Price
Prism Color Corporation (2021)
Stories from the first 50 years of women’s athletics at Princeton University by the historian for Princeton University Athletics.

Petals of Rain, by Rica Ramos Keenum
Book Reality Experience (2020)
Journalist’s memoir of surviving both childhood and marital abuse and learning how to navigate motherhood.

Standing Against the Rage, by Linda D’Ae-Smith
Shorehouse Books (2020)
True story of a 1933 double murder and suicide in a small-town Oregon family.

Practice, Practice, Practice: The Psychiatrist’s Life, by Daniela, V. Gitlin, M.D.
Corner Office Books (2020)
Combination memoir and case studies written by a physician who set up a rural practice in far upstate New York after being trained in Bronx hospitals.

Lite Whines and Laughter, by Lee Gaitan
HumorOutcast Press (2018)
Collection of essays by the winner of the 2019 Georgia Independent Author of the Year award.

Contributing Editor
The New Princeton Companion, by Robert K. Durkee
Princeton University Press (2022)
Described as the ultimate reference book on Princeton’s history and traditions.